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Who Are We?

Cub Scout Pack 3785 is located in

Westlake Village, CA and is open to boys and girls

in Kindergarten through Fifth Grade.

We welcome families from all local schools

in Westlake Village and surrounding areas. We promote an inclusive atmosphere and encourage family involvement in our Pack.

Everyone is welcome!

Our Cub Scout Pack is made up of

six Den levels:

Lion Cub Rank - This is a new BSA Program that is offered for Kindergarten aged scouts (or 6-years old)

Tiger Cub Rank - The rank for scouts who have completed Kindergarten (or 7-year-olds)

Wolf Rank - The rank for scouts who have completed First Grade (or 8-year-olds)

Bear Rank - The rank for scouts who are in Third Grade (or 9-year-olds)

Webelos 1 - The rank for scouts who are in Fourth Grade

Webelos 2 - The rank for scouts who are in Fifth Grade

Why Scouting?

The parents and leaders involved with Pack 3785 share a common goal: Developing capable, confident young men who are instilled with life-long leadership skills, and in possession of a strong sense of responsibility to their community.

We accomplish our goal through a series of commitments we make to our Cub Scouts. These include:

  • Providing regular meeting opportunities where they can forge lasting friendships;

  • Offering activities and adventures which would captivate and ignite the imagination of any boy;

  • Providing outdoor alternatives which combat our age of physical apathy and electronics addiction;

  • Endeavoring to provide our boys with a healthy outlet for their boundless energy;

  • Developing community-minded citizens;

  • Preparing them for their transition to the Arrow of Light and the bridge to Boy Scouts.

Come grow with us!

Each Den has a distinguishing neckerchief

and cap to identify their den level.

What Do We Do?

In Cub Scouts, we are focused on achievements, skill-building, community service and leadership development. In addition to our monthly Pack meeting, individual Dens meet once or twice a month. We also offer various adventures during the year (see below for a list of some of our typical activities).

Den meeting topics might include learning about safety procedures in the home, healthy eating, environmental awareness, learning different languages, how to tie knots and so much more! Pack meetings usually focus on a core value and have an activity which appeals to all the Scouts.

These are just some of the fun activities our Scouts can look forward to during the year...

  • Pinewood Derby

  • Family Camping

  • Baseball Games

  • Museum Sleepovers

  • Big Bear Ski Trip

  • Community Service Projects

  • Marching in our Community Reyes Adobe Days and 4th of July Parades

  • Bowling Night

  • Plenty of Outdoor Adventures and Hiking

  • Beach Trips

  • Annual Blue and Gold Banquet

  • Visiting City Administration Offices (Acorn Newspaper, Fire Station, Police Station)

  • And much more!

At Council-Run camps, Scouts can earn their coveted archery and BB Gun badges under the knowledgeable and watchful eye of certified Scout Masters.

This Scout watches as his rocket flies into

the sky! The local Boys Scouts from

Troop 775 invited our Webelos Scouts

to join them in building and launching their own rockets in the desert!

Scouts gain public speaking confidence by performing skits at Pack meetings, and by entertaining Scouts and families with songs at our annual Blue and Gold Banquet.

Our annual Big Bear weekend includes skiing, snow play, and lots of great Scout adventure!

All Scouts wear a uniform that represents their Den. Not only does this help teach them pride in their appearance (everyone looks great in uniform!), but it also helps the boys to identify their rank in the program.

Besides helping to build camaraderie among peers, the boys are also provided with a sense of accomplishment as they advance through the ranks. Patches, pins, and belt loops can be displayed on their uniform, letting everyone who sees them know how hard they've worked!

Scout family leading a hike at Paradise Falls.

These Scouts participated in our Scouting for Food program. This is a yearly program wherein our Scouts distribute bags throughout their neighborhoods which families can fill with food donations.

The Scouts return a week later to collect the bags, and then deliver the collected food to the Manna Food Bank.

What a great community service project to teach our Scouts the importance of helping those in our community who are less fortunate!